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What is Housewive's Holiday about?
42 year-old CHEN SI MEI, is very thrifty, likes to take small advantages and frequently picks up other mens trash from her block downstairs. She lives in a small and constricted three-bedroom apartment with her husband, their daughter and her mother. CHEN WEI BIN, same age as his wife, is an outspoken and straightforward taxi driver. Due to his gambling addiction, he sold his wifes dowry to pay his debts and promised his wife henceforth no longer gamble. He is also a man that fears his wife. SI MEI registered herself with the community centre that holds cooking classes. In the class, she got to know ALICE and AI QIN who live nearby. On an occasion, while trying to nab a thief that stole bras from the neighbourhood, these three housewives eventually became blossom friends.

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