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What is Stormworld about?
Jason and Lee are two buddies living normal lives in Vancouver. When Jasons dad gets a new boat, the boys decide to take it for a joyride and get caught in a swirling vortex that brings them to Stormworld. This new world is a parallel universe with three suns, mind-distorting storms, and wild coastlines, surrounded by a hostile environment where drinkable water is precious and food is limited. The boys are rescued by Flees and her pedantic companion, Ogee. Flees has one of the few serviceable watercrafts on Stormworld and grudgingly volunteers to take the new visitors to a small community trying to create civilization and order against the forces of nature and scavengers. One thing is constant for Jason, Lee, and almost everyone on Stormworld: the search for the way home.

Genre: Action and Adventure, Science-Fiction, Fantasy


Season 1 of Stormworld

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