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Razhel's father, who is actually the man that raised Razhel after her biological father abandoned her, arrives and throws Razhel a birthday party. He reveals an intent to bring Razhel back home with him, though this does not sit well with Alzeid. The day Razhel is leaving, Alzeid goes to buy her a birthday present, but instead gets some advice from the store owner. Alzeid rushes towards the train station and chases after the train. Razhel sees him running and when she gets to the end of the train, Alzeid yells at her that he will not write her or even think of her if she deserts him now. Angered by this, Razhel jumps of the train, and Alzeid explains that they can only remain comrades while they are traveling together. Finally, Razhel gives in and decides to keep traveling with Alzeid and Baroqueheat.

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