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What is Warriors about?
Warriors goes inside the culture of the most famous warriors of all time to explore their weaponry, tactics, training and, ultimately, their psyche. Every episode tells the dramatic story of one of the world's iconic warrior groups--Vikings, Spartans, Barbarians, Samurai--including the rituals, technology and strategy that made them so mighty. Warriors is hosted by Terry Schappert, a Green Beret and 17-year veteran currently serving in the US Special Forces. He delves deep into the mindset of a warrior, revealing what made these individuals rise above others to lead, to fight and sometimes to die. Each Warriors episode also explores a climactic battle that showcases the warrior's strengths, weaknesses and life-and-death struggle. From Zulus to English Knights to Hawaiians, Terry is fully immersed in the warrior culture--from the weapons used to the pre-battle rituals, to the initiations, to battlefield strategy and tactics. When delving deep into the Viking culture, he experiences first hand the fighting techniques and tests the weapons of the warriors that some call "the Hells Angels" of the Middle Ages. In the Samurai episode, Terry learns the secrets and traditions of the elite and mysterious warriors who for centuries ruled Japan. In English Knights, he dons the armor, uses the weapons and lives the code of chivalry. In every episode of Warriors, Terry talks to experts on each of the warrior cultures, moves beyond the stereotypes and gains new insights about who these men really were. Walking in the footsteps of history's greatest Warriors proves to be a gut-wrenching experience, but it's all part of Terry's amazing journey to discover the heart of a warrior.

Genre: Nonfiction
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