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Watch Cooking Master Boy online: Episode 42 Final Battle, Shouan`s Revenge

Thanks to Shans trickery, now the banquet cooking competition is now tied. The results of the next dish will determine the winner. Mao finally meets his competitor: Shou An, his late mother Pais disciple. There is a history between the two. It was Shou An that caused Pais death. And Mao was the one that defeated Shou An in a Mabo Tofu competition, resulting in Shou An losing his license to cook forever. Mao was the reason that Shou An joined the Underworld! Shou Ans rise in the underworld was phenomenal, driven by his desire to defeat Mao. It was only fitting that the category for the final dish is tofu, which is Pais specialty, and the dish Mao defeated Shou An with. Since tofu needed time to be made, the final battle was postponed to the next morning to allow the competitors to prepare the ingredients. However, when Maos soy beans were being soaked, the Underworld resorted to dirty tactics. Shilou and Mei Li who were guarding the beans were knocked unconscious with needles laced with sleeping potion. In the morning, when Mao check on the beans, they were already spoilt! But Mao does not seemed concerned and said that he will make the tofu dish of the century!

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