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Watch Cooking Master Boy online: Episode 35 The Metal Palm`s Demonic Power

Maos group has arrived at the Lou Lin Vessel, a large cooking arena inside a huge boat. The underworld announces that the competition will be a Banquet Cooking Battle with four categories. The team that won in most rounds will win. The price will be the map that shows the location of the legendary cooking tools. The first category is soup. It is Sanches turn and he is going to compete with Rouko - the underworld cook with a mechanical hand. Before the competition was started, Sanche was surprised when he finds out that the judges are the leaders of the different guilds in Shanghai. Rouko uses a whole chicken for his soup. He has a minor advantage because the broth that he will use was prepared even before Maos team arrived. When the judges tasted his soup they were very delighted and said that the soup is delicious. It is Sanches turn to present his soup. Everyone was surprised to see that Sanche is holding a glowing melon bowl.

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