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Watch Cooking Master Boy online: Episode 27 The Secret of the Masked Chef

Shilou was having a hard time picking the bowl, because he knew that all the lives depended on his judgment. Mao then tells Shilou not to try and pick his bowl, just pick the one that tastes better and that will be his. Shilou finally started tasting both dishes. The Masked Chef was already gloating in victory, because he believed he will win because the accumulated taste of his marine delicacies. Shilou finally decided: he said that he didnt know which is Maos bowl, but he will pick the one he truly felt is delicious. Its the black bowl! The Masked Chef is furious. He couldnt believe that with all that lye, the dish tasted very good. Mao was about to take the antidote, when the Masked Chef accused Mao of giving Shilou a sign and asked for an explanation. Shilou explained that the other marine delicacies overwhelmed the taste of the lobster, but Maos dish has all the mountain ingredients flowing together to bring out the taste of the lobster. The Masked Chef still isnt convinced, he asked about the lye. Mao then threw him the secreta paper bowl. The paper bowl was made from the papers he ripped out from the cookbook. He showed the masked chef how he used it. Mao boiled the ingredients in the paper bowl, then the lye started appearing, but the paper bowl keeps on absorbing the lye, thus the dish is so clear. The Masked Chef admitted defeat and gave the antidote and Mao and Shilou started giving it to Chouyu, Mei Li and the others. Everyone woke up, as well as Chouyu and Mei Li. Then Chouyu gave the Masked Chef a punch. The Masked chef finally admitted that he cant complete his revenge because of Mao, but he will never forget Chouyu for stealing Meika. Mao started accusing the Masked Chef of poisoning Chouyu, when Chouyu stopped Mao. He started explaining. Sixteen years ago, Meika and Chouyu have promised themselves to each other. The Masked Chef couldnt believe it at first. He finally realized that Chouyu is telling the truth. But Meikas father wanted to test Chouyu if he can take care of her, so the match was set, and the Masked Chef entered the contest. Meika wanted to be with Chouyu so much, that she was the one who put the sting needle in the Masked Chefs lobsters to ensure Chouyus victory. The Masked Chef couldnt believe it, Meika wouldnt have done it to him. He also told Chouyu if thats the truth, then why didnt he tell him. Chouyu reasoned that the Masked Chefs feelings for Meika were genuine and he didnt want Meika to be ruined in his eyes. Chouyu felt that he should bear all his anger. Chouyu also told the Masked Chef that when Meika was dying, she made him promise that when they see each other, she was asking for forgiveness. The Masked Chef finally realized everything and said that he was only competing with himself. He revealed himself, and his face was full of scars. He told them about the underground cooking society, and how the society is cruel. He started falling down, because he took the poison. Chouyu went over to Lien (the masked chef) and asked why he drank the poison. Lien answered that its the destiny of someone who sold his soul to the underground. Then smoke filled the air, and fire burst from the stairs. Lien pushed Chouyu away and went inside the flames. He finally asked Chouyu one last question: Did Meika live a happy life. Chouyu answered yes. And this seems to be enough for Lien as he was engulfed by the flames. Mao was shouting Liens name. They were outside, it was raining and Chouyu vowed to Lien that hell make Mao the number one cook in China. Mao vowed that he will not be defeated by anyone from the underworld. Then, the old man who was serving the meals before decided to report what has happened to the underground. The next day, Mei Li, Mao and Shilou were visiting her mothers grave and thought that she didnt know that this kind of thing happened between her parents, that her father has a rival. Mei Li then thought that her rival might be cooking. Meanwhile, Chouyu is standing in front of another grave: Liens grave, with his mask set upon it.

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