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Watch Cooking Master Boy online: Episode 24 Mysterious Invitation, The trap of the masked Chef

It was a beautiful morning in the Yosen Shuka, and it was broken by an arrow hitting a wall with a note tied around it. Mao gave flowers to Mei Li and she comments that they are beautiful and her mother will like it too. It turns out that it was Mei Lis mothers death anniversary. Their conversation was broken when Shilou arrived and told them what Chouyu was making. They were amazed when they saw a huge ice sculpture of a dragon going up to the sky and that it shows the complete mastery of Chouyu with his skills. Then, as Mao and Mei Li decide to go back, Shilou started teasing Mei Li which resulted in a chase. Shilou first saw the arrow and told Mao and Mei Li about it. They read the note and it is a dinner invitation for Chouyu and Mei Li to the Sea Bell Park, an abandoned mansion. They showed it to Chouyu who discovered a symbol of compulsory obedience. They decided to go, but Mei Li wanted Mao to go with her. Master Luo agrees, but he denies Shilous request to go with them. At the mansion, they were welcomed by a creepy fellow and inside they saw the representatives of the Guangzhou Cooking World. The creepy fellow said that the master chef has prepared a very special meal for them. They were given good food, until the main course arrived. The creepy man said it was pigeon. They started eating it, but Mao and Chouyu immediately realized that its not pigeon, but red frogs meat. Mei Li and the other who have already swallowed the food have already fainted, and then the chef revealed himself, behind an armour and a mask. The chef immediately sees Mei Lis mom in her. Chouyu asks who he is, and he taunts him in saying that he forgot already. Chouyu finally realized who the masked chef is and asks why he is doing this, the masked chef it was revenge. The masked chef gave an ultimatum: Chouyu has to win two out of three in a lobster contest, the same as before, in order to save the poisoned people with the antidote. Chouyu agrees, and both blindfolded themselves for the first battle, but as Chouyu was cutting, he was stung by a scorpion and fainted. Mao accused him of cheating and the masked chef revealed that Chouyu did the same thing years ago. When the masked chef claimed victory by default, Mao challenged him and revealed that he is worthy because he is a Super Chefto be continued

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