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Watch Cooking Master Boy online: Episode 23 Big Universe Pork Dumpling

Mao doesnt believe that Shell has chosen the same ingredients as him and stolen his idea! Mao sits on the floor, cursing himself and thinking about something else. There is less than one hour for the battle to last. Shel however thinks that Mao has given up and he is the winner. Siro, being clumsy and concerned about Mao's situation, knocks over a basket of eggs. Meirii scolds Siro for being careless and Mao suddenly has an idea. He kneads the dough like he did earlier on (see The Challenger! Mao was chosen to Fight!). He goes outside and uses centriferal force to spin the dough and calls Meirii and Siro to bring him the biggest steamer in the restaurant. Then, Siro orders everyone to go in while he, Meirii and Mao stay outside to complete the siu mai. Then, Choyu checks his hand watch and sees that time is up. He calls Mao out to present his siu mai. Mao then calls Meirii and Siro to bring the steamer in. Ruoh muses at seeing Mao taking the huge steamer ut of storage. Mao gives the O.K signal to Siro and Meirii and they lift up the cover. When the steam is cleared, they see a huge siu mai in it. Shel however knows that big siu mai wouldnt be cooked properly in the insides. Mao invites Ruoh to taste his siu mai. Ruoh takes out some siu mai shaped like a small siu mai and eats it. A wave of cooking taste engulfs him as he eats it. He goes to the other parts of the siu mai ad tastes them. A burst of universe engulfs him, making him think like a whole of something is in there. Therefore, Mao announces that his siu mai is Big Bang Siu Mai! Shel is bewildred to see such amazing act and sputters that how all of the meat is cooked through. Ruoh calls for his cattle bane sword and someone gets it for him. Ruoh then jumps and cuts the siu mai into quarters. Shel is shocked to see the insides all marblelized. Mao explains the process of cooking and everyone oohed and aahed at the method. Shel admits defeat after Choyu announces that Mao has won hands down. Choyu looks at the Big Bang Siu Mai and Shel's 50 orders of siu mai and orders Meirii to open the door to let everyone in to eat. Choyu however tells Siro that as punishment for cooking as an errand boy, Siro has to massage Ruoh's back. Shel leaves the restaurant, predicting that they would meet again soon.

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