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Watch Cooking Master Boy online: Episode 16 The Beauty Trap

Mao and his friends go to Wu Nam province to seek new Chinese cuisines. They enter a village where they are welcomed by a beautiful female chef, Ang. Ang finds out Mao is a special grade cook and seduces him to work out how to use a large ball and chain cooking instrument Ang's father had left to her. Mao almost instantly goes to work (to the jealousy of Meirii) at it with Siro. When they finally work out its uses, they tell Ang and she locks them up in a room. Ang then uses the ball and chain to create a dish* for the Official who has come. *The dish Ang makes is one of Wu Nam's specialties. It is called a 'bird's nest' and is made by frying taro powder in a shape of a bird's nest. Inside the nest is usually some stir fry vegetables and meat. The one Ang attempts to make is a sphere rather than a hemisphere like normal bird's nest.

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