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Watch Cooking Master Boy online: Episode 15 Fake Super Chef?

Mao and Meili travel to Wunam province in China and along the way meet a boy who has fainted from starvation. Mao makes some food for him using igredients from the trees around him. When he is well, the boy tells him his name is Siro and he is a Special Grade Cook (which he isn't!). Since Mao is hiding his Special Grade cook emblem, Mao becomes Siro's disciple! The group go to Siro's village where a really fat Official is putting chefs into prison for making food he does not like. Siro, whose family owns a restraunt in the village also tries to satisfy the Official. With Mao's help they make a fried rice with a sour taste which the Official greedily ate. Mao reveals he is a Special Grade cook, to the suprise of Siro and everyone. Siro apologises for pretending to be a Special Grade cook and joins Mao's journeys.

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