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Watch Cooking Master Boy online: Episode 13 The Decisive Catfish Noodles!!

Mao finishes his noodles and is time is up! The judges must now taste the food..... But the judge tells the five chefs to taste each others dishes! The green hair woman presents her dish first - black noodles. However she is disqualified for using opium in the noodles which makes it addictive and also for using acupuncture on Mao to stop him from making his noodles. Next is the man with the 'cat ears' noodles. For the whole contest he had been doing pushups with his thumb so he could make cat ear shape noodles from the dough by flicking with his thumbs! But his noodles are disqualified by the other chefs because the 'cat ears' noodles was not in the shape of noodles and so failed. Finally, Feiyi, Mao, and another guy 'Han' is left. They taste each others dishes and are then told to give each other a score out of 10. The judge announces the total scores: Mao 9, Feiyi 9 and Han 10.

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