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What is KNTV Philosophy about?
This 10-part series, with its Gorillaz-esque animation, will appeal to even the most anarchic of students and the liveliest of minds. KNTV is presented by virtual hosts Kierky and Nietzsche, two teenage science-obsessed rock thrash musicians from the fictitious communist country of Slabovia. They have built a TV studio in an abandoned secret government research facility, and from here they broadcast their own pirate show of science trivia to the world. Amidst the chaos of their crazy world, the teens take their audience on an exploration of key science questions, in this series focusing on the life and works of 10 famous philosophers: Albert Einstein Charles Darwin Isaac Newton Ren Descartes Sigmund Freud Thomas Paine Plato Karl Marx Adam Smith Friedrich Nietzsche

Genre: Animation, Documentary, Special Interest

Season 1 of KNTV Philosophy

    Episode 7: Plato  
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