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What is Selo gori, a baba se ceslja about?
The series is based in a small village between Big, South and East Morava. Despite its comedy the show displays a deep emotional connection between family, tradition and the land. The village is at the heart of the show, often displaying how things are changing in Serbian villages and how these rural communities are quickly disappearing due to the exodus of young people from the country to the city. The show emphasises that the village is the heart of Serbian culture and pride, a place where humanity has outlasted many challenges. The show further emphasises the finest qualities of the Serbian people such as honesty and kindness and aims to break down the tarnished stereotypical view of Serbian people crafted during the 1990s. The show revolves around the character of Radain. The entire story is based around his recount of the time when he lived in the village and how he spent his time with his fellow countrymen and women. He recounts his life to his family. Most of the show revolves around Radains family but also around his friends, who are the main characters of the show: Dragojlo, ota and Milo.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Soap
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Season 1 of Selo gori, a baba se ceslja

    Episode 1: Bagren?e  
    Episode 2: Mukatle  
    Episode 3: Vampir  

Season 2 of Selo gori, a baba se ceslja

    Episode 1: Riba  
    Episode 3: Drumovi  
    Episode 4: Potraga  
    Episode 5: Sinovi  
    Episode 6: Povratak  
    Episode 7: Kapara  
    Episode 8: Nesanica  
    Episode 9: Paprika  
    Episode 10: Snovi  
    Episode 11: Krtenje  
    Episode 12: Obra?un  
    Episode 15: Crni  
    Episode 16: kripac  
    Episode 17: Sudar  
    Episode 18: Slava  
    Episode 20: Svadba  
    Episode 21: Som  
    Episode 22: Pismo  
    Episode 23: Zelje  
    Episode 24: Dovodak  

Season 3 of Selo gori, a baba se ceslja

    Episode 1: Beograd  
    Episode 2: Nevinost  
    Episode 3: Kruke  
    Episode 4: Grom  
    Episode 5: Slutnja  
    Episode 6: Dom  
    Episode 7: Rodjenje  
    Episode 8: Dojka  
    Episode 9: Praznina  
    Episode 12: Kanada  
    Episode 16: Zbogom  
    Episode 18: Belina  

Season 4 of Selo gori, a baba se ceslja

    Episode 1: uma  
    Episode 2: Koma  
    Episode 3: Pukotine  
    Episode 4: Bu?enje  
    Episode 5: Prinova  
    Episode 6: Odluka  
    Episode 7: Bekstvo  
    Episode 8: Srna  
    Episode 9: eneva  
    Episode 11: Gas  
    Episode 13: Jovan  
    Episode 14: Suze  
    Episode 16: Sre?a  
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