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What is Joseph Campbell Mythos about?
Clocking in at 10 hours, Mythos presents the great educator Joseph Campbell's vision of humankind's "One Great Story." Since time immemorial, humans have been passing "life's lessons" from generation to generation through their particular society's theology and folklore, or mythologies. According to Campbell, by examining the world's diverse mythologies you will find therein universal themes that are applicable and speak directly to all humankind. In Mythos, Campbell dissects a wide range of the world's mythologies, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism. Rather than pointing out their superficial differences, he accentuates and embraces their similarities. It doesn't matter whether the myths are Greek, Indian, Egyptian, Native American, Judeo-Christian, or Arthurian in origin. Campbell explains it is their intrinsic themes that share a commonality: the trials of the hero, the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, the path to enlightenment, love, struggle, sacrifice, etc. Narrated by Susan Sarandon, Mythos is Campbell's final work captured on tape while on an academic lecture circuit in the last years of his life. Campbell looks lively and wonderfully at ease in the familiar classroom setting discussing his life's passion. Those enchanted by what The Power of Myth introduced will be deeply satisfied with the epic, academic content of Mythos.

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