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What is Geobreeders about?
Say hello to Kagura Total Security, a company composed of a half dozen misfits that specializes in trapping phantom cats. Don't laugh--they may look like cute little kitties, but due to the fact that they're data-phantoms, those furballs are liable to take over any computer controlled piece of hardware in sight. Add a serious attitude problem and near-invincible human form to that, and you've got a recipie for trouble. But, thanks to the lovely ladies and sole abused guy of KTS, there won't be any problems, right? Well, maybe... from their lethargic driver to their greedy boss to their trigger-happy, white-suited, "mystery" shrouded weapons expert, these people aren't exactly your first choice for getting the job done. But, they've got the hardware (from a handy little gadget for downloading phantom cats onto a palmtop to... huge guns), they've certainly got the drive, and they're going to do anything they can to beat the "professionals"--a government paramilitary anti-cat squad--to any job that pays well enough. But, when the cats start trying to smuggle serious military hardware into the country and kidnap Kagura Total Security's very own cute phantom cat, will even everything they've got be enough? And even if they suceed, will there be anything left when they're done?

Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Science-Fiction, Fantasy

Season 1 of Geobreeders

Season 2 of Geobreeders

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