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Watch The Garage online: Episode 4 Eds Clutch Dj vu

Remember that Porsche 944 that Ed earned his English Mobile Mechanics stripes on last week? Unfortunately when he comes to test it on the Monday morning, the clutch isnt working. And so begins Eds world of pain hes sure the new clutch, although slightly different to the one he removed, is the right one and has just been updated, a common practice in auto-engineering. But Jock and the other mechanics dont believe him and order a succession of new clutches, each of which Ed must fit, but none of which work. Apprentice Lindsey starts work in the garage. Another of Jocks regular customers turns up with a Hummer and some aftermarket lights that he wants fitting. The mobile van has a second abortive trip. Jock asks Glyn to fire Caroline the receptionist unfortunately Caroline doesnt take the news very well and lets Jock have it with both barrels. At the end of an eventful week, Jock takes the team to Silks, a posh club on the beach, for an afternoon of sunshine and champagne.

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