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Watch Genocyber online: Episode 1 A New Life Form

Centred around a young girl, Genocyber details the creation of the ultimate biological weapon, created out of two psychic sisters. Starting off in Hong Kong, the story follows a young mute girl who is unwittingly dragged into the ambitions of a mad scientist who wants to combine the powers of the girl and her crippled sister to activate the Genocyber itself. After a brutal search that leaves dozens of corpses in its wake, the search ends when the girl is apparently captured by agents of a shadowy government organisation and the scientist arrested. This proves to be wrong however and the girl escapes, killing the scientist and government agents in the process. This particular episode of the OVA ends when the girl finds her only friend, a young boy, dead after falling to his death from a construction site. The girl turns into Genocyber and proceeds to level Hong Kong to the ground.

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