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What is Moto Kare about?
Toji, a new employee of a food section in a medium-sized department store, has to put up with a tough boss that makes every day a real struggle. But things start to look up for him as he is dating a pretty elevator girl named Nao. Just as he is starting to enjoy a new-found happiness at work, a new account manager from an advertising agency visits Toji's division, and it is none other than Toji's ex-girlfriend from university, Makoto. Toji is surprised to see her again but Makoto treats him as if she has never met him before. Now dealing with a tough job and caught in the middle of a jealous Nao and Makoto who dumped him, things couldn't get much worse for Toji! -- TBS

Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Moto Kare

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