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Watch Living Lahaina online: Episode 3 A Man Alone

When Kimo arrives early at his Surf Academy, he back to find a mess. Pulling the guys out of bed, he throws them into a pep talk about representing the Academy in a positive way. The guys laugh off Kimo's attempt to be serious, but when he karate kicks the door and throws a keg, the group realizes that the boss means business. Summer time in Hawaii means big cruise ships and lots of tourists, so Kimo wants to make sure he's got the right guys on the job. But most of his guys are MIA -- Alex is running the field in a soccer game and Bobby and Matt are making cheerleading signs for the event. On the field, the guys from the Academy get a bigger show than they bargained for when a fight breaks out. As the boys get ready for a little vaca, Kimo rallies them up for another meeting. It's a huge weekend for surf instruction, and he wants all hands on deck. But while the boss just laid down the law, the guys plan on ignoring his threats. Instead, the guys head on a three hour road trip for their getaway to Hana, where they throw fruit at each other's jeeps on the ride down. It's all fun and games until a car gets a flat and Kimo realizes his boys are gone. In panic mode, Kimo struggles to keep the academy afloat by teaching lessons on his own. While Kimo has a hard time with lessons, the boys are quick to patch the tire situation and spend time taking in the scenery -- and the girls -- at Hana. At the rental house, the guys take full use of the features, from the hot tub to surrounding jungle vines. Kicking back and relaxing, Casey and Dave get themselves into a slapping turned wrestling fight that ends in a bloody lip. The next morning, Casey wakes up for his post-partying puke. With that done, the caravan headed back to Lahaina in the hopes of avoiding Kimo when they roll back to Lahaina. No such luck... despite their sneaking, he calls them inside for a scolding. A frustrated Kimo tells the boys to get it together and start taking responsibility. Although Sean argues that the younger instructors should have stepped up, Kimo kicks a chair in anger and disappointment. But just when Kimo thinks he's read the boys a riot act, they leave once again to go skate.

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