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What is Viper's Creed about?
With most of the Earth's cities underwater due to the onset of global warming followed by a third world war which brought calamity and turmoil to the people, various PMCs are one of the few remaining organizations able to provide law enforcement and self-defense protection for cities that are trying to rebuild again from the war and the floods. One of the PMCs providing law enforcement is the Arqon Global Security corporation, responsible for protecting Fort Daiva City from terrorism and armed crimes] by deploying its elite military unit called Viper led by its operatives called Blademen.

Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Viper's Creed

    Episode 1: Cyclops  
    Episode 2: Uknown  
    Episode 3: Shot  
    Episode 6: Golem  
    Episode 7: Riot  
    Episode 8: Eden  
    Episode 9: Intrigue  
    Episode 11: Truth  
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