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Watch Rude Tube online: Episode 3 Ultimate Champions

This episode features the top 50 Ultimate Champions, individuals who have become champions of the online universe simply by being the very best, or indeed the very worst, in their chosen discipline. We all know that Usain Bolt can run pretty fast, but can he pick his nose with his own tongue? Our Ultimate champions have yet to gain olympic recognition, but after this show you'll feel they should. From the world's greatest petrol pump attendant to the world's most emotional man - blubbing uncontrollably at a rainbow - these champions come in all shapes and sizes and have expertise that's equally varied and outrageous, from head-kicking to tooth extraction. Fearless, courageous or just insanely misguided, all these acts are special in their own right. But only one will be awarded the gold medal and be crowned Rude Tube's Ultimate Champion.

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