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What is M.K. 22 about?
Somewhere is south Israel, the IDF guards the weapon of armageddon in a military base named M.K. 22. The base is managed by master sergeant Gavriel Shukrun, a true moron who follows every rule, accept the ones regarding him. Dumbcluck macho Shlomi Hanuka and geeky (some say still a virgin) Itay Shulman, are the two quartermasters in the base. The two spend most of their time doing nothing and the rest of time, making sure they keep doing it. Other characters around the base include a friendly beduin (who is in fact an El Kaeda terrorist undercover), a reporter looking for scoops and a cripple female soldier who volunteered to the IDF, hoping to become a pilot someday. This animated satire series uses the army, a maybe too familiar experience for the average Israeli (mandatory 2-3 years service at age 18) to highlight the issues most people would rather sweep under the rug. From racism to corruption in the army and beyond, nothing is sacred

Genre: Animation, Comedy
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Season 1 of M.K. 22

    Episode 8: Izkor  
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