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What is Bo' In The USA about?
Leigh Francis reprises his role of Avid Merrion and along with Barunka O'Shaughnessy, as his wife and sister Sacha, opens a hotel in L.A. full of celebrities, including past favourites Craig David and George Michael. Old favourites like The Bear return as well, The Bear's looking for a way to break America after A Bear's Tail was dropped, so he joins a agency ran by Verne Troyer. Keith Lemon is trying to make it big as well with his latest invention the Securipole and enlists the help of Fabio. Unlike the past series of Bo' Selecta!, most of this series is shot as if it's a documentary about the Merrion hotel. At the end of the first part of each episode, and beginning of the second part, adverts for fake Channel 4 programmes are shown.

Season 1 of Bo' In The USA

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