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Watch Solstrom online: Episode 5 Once Upon a Wind

Gaya and Quidam (from Dralion and Quidam respectively) spread the solar wind and give people the opportunity to free themselves from their daily routine. Some even acquire unnatural powers. Gaya blows solar wind in a boy's adventure storybook and life at home changes. The day begins as usual with the morning rush in the family kitchen as the young boy reads his storybook. He discovers and observes his mother flying through the air, his grandfather doing crazy things, a jungle explorer, an expert thief, and even a gorilla grabbing hold of a colonialist! The pages of his storybook come to life before his eyes. Suddenly, a wind blows the pages out of the kitchen window. They appear at his mother's job at the museum. Other pages land in his father's office and wreak havoc as the rigid boss struggles to maintain order to no avail. This brings great pleasure to Gaya and Quidam, not to mention those working at the office!

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