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Watch Prince of Tennis The National Tournament Finals online: Episode 2 Summit Showdown!

Singles 3 of the finals: Tezuka vs Sanada. Tezuka uses Tezuka Zone, Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami, Hyakuren Jitoku no Kiwami and two of his new moves, Tezuka Phantom and Zero-Shiki Serve while Sanada uses his FuuRinKaInZanRai. When it's Sanada's match point, he combines three of his techniques KaRinRai (Fire, Forest, and Lightning) into one deadly attack. Sanada's KaRinRai scrapes the ground and the Zero-shiki serve was defeated. Tezuka tries to return the attack, but his racquet was blown away. Because of the generated force of the KaRinRai, the ball was popped back into the air, upon impact with Tezuka's racquet, heading to Sanada's side of the court. It was shown that Tezuka somehow added some spin to the ball, and it lands on the net. In the end, Sanada defeats Tezuka by a score of 7-5 when the ball drops from the net onto Tezuka's side.

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