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What is Suggs' Italian Job about?
Italy is a place of refuge and inspiration for Suggs, just as it has been for many other artists and performers over the centuries. But usually his visits are high-speed affairs a flight to the south and a few days in his holiday home in Puglia, before he jets back to his work commitments in the UK. In this series he'll have the opportunity to make a more leisurely journey from north to south, absorbing the rich variety of Italy's cultural life along the way. Travelling in a classic Mini (this is his Italian Job after all), Suggs' grand tour will take him to the iconic cities (Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence and Naples) and through the spectacular landscapes which have inspired so many artists. But he'll also make regular detours along the way, straying off the beaten track to discover many unfamiliar places with surprising stories to reveal. As he zig-zags his way south, he'll investigate the stories behind some of the masterpieces of the Renaissance, go behind the scenes at some of Italy's most celebrated cultural venues and events, meet modern day artists and craftsmen keeping Italy's arts heritage alive, and track down experts with a passion for performance, art and design who are keen to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with Suggs and our audience.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Suggs' Italian Job

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