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What is Kinderen geen bezwaar about?
Kinderen geen bezwaar is a Dutch comedy series which takes place in ' normal' Dutch family. The series mainly revolves about what happens in the family. Seven years ago Gerard and Maud learned to know each other by means of a contact advertisement. Gerard is approximately 12 years older than Maud. They got married not long after they met. He cooks, brushes and does the laundry, in fact everything in house and Maud works as psychotherapist with practice at their home. Maud has a daughter Julia from her first marriage. Julia is adored Gerard's son Daan, from his 'previous' life. Daan always tries everything to get Julia, but he succeeds seldom.

Genre: Comedy


Season 1 of Kinderen geen bezwaar

    Episode 23: La Mama  

Season 2 of Kinderen geen bezwaar

    Episode 27: Jim  

Season 3 of Kinderen geen bezwaar

    Episode 15: Klepto  
    Episode 17: Lulkoek  

Season 4 of Kinderen geen bezwaar

    Episode 1: Ballroom  
    Episode 5: Swingen  
    Episode 20: Kemna  
    Episode 22: Halal  
    Episode 24: Manuel  

Season 5 of Kinderen geen bezwaar

    Episode 14: De lila  
    Episode 17: Brokken  

Season 6 of Kinderen geen bezwaar

    Episode 12: Jetsers  

Season 7 of Kinderen geen bezwaar

    Episode 4: Roesje  
    Episode 8: IJdels  
    Episode 11: Rafalla  
    Episode 22: Kikkers  
    Episode 28: Pinnig  

Season 8 of Kinderen geen bezwaar

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