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Watch Sunshine 2008 online: Episode 1 Episode 1

Bob (Bing) Crosby is one of the most likeable people around. His natural wit and optimism are infectious to those around him. The only negative trait in Bing's life is his inability to resist gambling a few quid on the occasional bet. Bernadette, his childhood sweetheart and mother of their son, Joe, loves Bing for the person she's known all her life and although she doesn't approve of, and is often infuriated by, his casual betting, she always reluctantly forgives him. Bing's Dad George knows that he shares a special bond with his grandson Joe and even though Joe is too young to realise this, he certainly feels it in his heart. But, when Bing's gambling develops into something more serious than the occasional bet and the risks he takes become greater, it's no longer just a few quid that Bing stands to lose potentially, it's everything.

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