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What is Windy Tales about?
A collection of episodes in the lives of people with the power to control the wind. In a small village in the Japanese countryside lives a clan of kazetsukai, wind handlers, people with the power to control the wind. Nao Ueshima is a middle school student and president of the schools two-member digital camera club. Taiki, one of the kazetsukai, leaves behind the village and his brothers widow, Yukio, to become a mathematics teacher at Naos school. Nao learns of Taikis power after he uses it to save her life. Nao and her friends travel to the kazetsukai village to learn for themselves the secret of how to control the wind.

Genre: Animation, Drama, Fantasy

Season 1 of Windy Tales

    Episode 1: Wind Cat  
    Episode 7: Typhoon  
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