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Watch Jamies Ministry Of Food online: Episode 2 Come on you Cookers

It's episode 2 in Jamie's quest to get the people of Rotherham cooking. To speed up the project, Jamie heads to Rotherham United football club in search of hungry men. It's the last match of the season, a sunny bank holiday and there are 5000 vocal locals here to cheer on their team. Jamie's hoping this will be the perfect place to find some new recruits but as he heads out to address the braying crowds his confidence begins to fail. "You fat bastard, you fat bastard," chants the crowd - proving not everyone's familiar with the phrase involving a pot, a kettle and a few choice words. Oh well Jamie, when all else fails, give 'em free grub. But an hour and 180 steak sarnies later only 98 men have signed up. "Unless it involves a chip pan he's no chance," is one man's thoughtful prediction. "We like us chips in Rotherham."

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