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What is Huset Silfvercronas gta about?
The popular youngsters serie about a magical journey through time. In the castle Silfvercrona lives old Aunt Hedwig alone with her cat. When she is visited by youngsters Lasse and Lisa, she shows them reluctantly around in the dilapidated castle. But one of the rooms, she forbids them seriously to enter. Attracted by stories of a lost treasure, the youths can not help but embark on a journey of discovery. Somewhere on the road suddenly Lasse disappears and Lisa follows the tracks to the forbidden room. Suddenly the year is 1437 and she is seized by a grim castle guard. What follows is an amazing adventure through the centuries, where young people chase the mysterious treasure, and meets several interesting historical figures. They also learn soon that castle lord Silfvercrona is a very, very dangerous man. The house Silfvercronas Mystery is an exciting and informative meeting with our stormy Swedish history. Filmmaker Gunila Ambjrnsson, among other things wrote and directed the film "Stannar du s springer jag", but is also a renowned author of Fantasy books. She has written "Time Trilogy" and the book "Tiger Heart" and "Silver Monkey". "The house Silfvercronas mystery" was filmed outside Norrtlje on Penningby Castle whose oldest parts are from the 1400s.

Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Huset Silfvercronas gta

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