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What is Ekeines & Ego about?
The protagonist of this series is Zahos Doganos (Bezos) a rich ladies' man whose interests revolve around women and partying hard. Although he has a fiancee, Eleni, this doesn't seem to affect his life. In fact we see him in every episode with a different female guest star who in most cases comes from his past. In a few episodes we see him with huge lists of the names of women he has dated in the past. He lives with his housekeeper Debora (an African girl) who is also his protegee. Zahos is completely against marriage, in contrast with some of the other main characters of the show. He co-owns the "Doganos-Marikos" corporations along with his friend and associate Dimitris Marikos. One of their best clients is Iason Papapetrou who gets tricked all the time by Zahos because of his affection for him. One of Zahos' most favorite places for entertainment is bouzoukia, where he goes with either ladies or his friends and relatives; actually in most episodes we see him sing too. Ekeines kai Ego (Greek: ??????? ??? ???) was an ANT1 television series which starred Yannis Bezos and Tasos Kostis. It was written by Bezos and Andreas Morfonios and it was directed by Morfonios. The series aired beginning in 1996 and lasted two years. It wa quite successful and was one of Bezos' most famous works in Greece. The title means "Those and me". "Those" refers to the women surrounding the series' main character, a hopeless womaniser. It was based on Costas Pretederis' earlier hit series Ekeines kai Ego (1976), and featured Labros Konstadaras in the role of Zahos Donganos, Antonis Yakovakis as his friend Dimitris Marikos and Rena Voutsina as Debora. The original series was directed by Dimitris Nikolaidis. Pretederis was also the writer for the 1996 version.

Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of Ekeines & Ego

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