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Watch Birdy the Mighty Decode online: Episode 12 Doomsday

Shymalan releases a recorded TV announcement, saying that he intends to wreck genocide on Japan to weed out the weak. The government, though slow, has begun to take steps to contain the Ryunka that is beginning to spread throughout the Greater Tokyo Area. Tsutomu, though advised not to go out of his house, decides to do so and save Sayaka. Nejula suggests that a faction of the Federation Police may have not decided to quickly respond to see the power of Ryunka. Muroto decides to help Tsutomu after he finds out that the ship is the Lost Bird, where Sayaka is held. Shymalan is killed when the Ryunka inside of Sayaka is activated, with a segment of the Japanese public. Birdy, meanwhile, is moving in on her own to stop the Lost Bird from moving any further.

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