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Watch Birdy the Mighty Decode online: Episode 11 Bye Bye Buddy

It has been confirmed: Nakasugi is the host for Ryunka. But Tsutomu wants to protect her, no matter what and so he takes control of Birdy's body when she tried to get close to Ryunka. Nejula knocks them out before their minds fuse completely. When they wake up again, Tsutomu has his own body back and needs glasses again. From now on, Birdy and Tsutomu go separate ways. When Birdy and Nejula arrive at Nakasugi's villa, she is already gone because she went to Tsutomo's place. To protect her from being pursued by her greedy relatives, Tsutomu leaves her in Shymalan's care. After that he discovers Shymalan's true intentions when Nejula confronts him...

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