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The blue monster continues to assault Steve, the troll with the chaingun. Bidderman attempts to fix the problem with his powers, but only ends up making things worse by summoning jagged crystals that start burning the other two trolls. Bidderman again uses his powers, and ends up accidentally resurrecting Beakman. After witnessing the mayhem Bidderman is causing with his powers, Beakman tells him he should probably just go back to the other side. Frank appears, and agrees with Beakman's assessment. When Bidderman protests his dismissal, Frank gives him a number, "1-800-MAGIC", to use if he ever needs help and has nowhere else left to turn. Bidderman attempts to rejoin his teammates, but they refuse to accept him because he is magical, especially after he accidentally turns himself into smoke. Meanwhile, Johnson (Bidderman's elf teammate) disappears, and finds himself in front of Frank, who tells him that he is "magical" and "the One". With nowhere left to turn, Bidderman calls 1-800-MAGIC, only to get a "Spell Support" hotline.

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