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What is Rich Hall's Fishing Show about?
Rich Hall's Fishing Show is a comedy programme written by and starring Rich Hall and Mike Wilmot. It was broadcast in 2003 in the United Kingdom on BBC Four. The show was set in the lochs of Scotland, on which Hall and Wilmot would go fishing. However, very few fish were caught, and the situation instead formed the setting for duologue between the pair which would be vaguely themed on subjects like love or the Olympic Games. Some episodes featured sketches involving characters such as Bob, a decapitated limousine driver whose head had survived, and Charles Manson, a reclusive salesman who, despite his appearance, was not the convicted serial killer of the same name. Each episode would end with a celebrity guest who was invited on to the boat to talk and fish with the pair.

Season 1 of Rich Hall's Fishing Show

    Episode 1: Travel  
    Episode 2: Love  
    Episode 3: Freedom  
    Episode 4: Olympics  
    Episode 5: God  
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