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Watch Final Fantasy Legend of the Crystals online: Episode 4 The Star Chapter

This is the final chapter of the story. It begins as the dark warlord, outlining his plan to become DeathGyunos while his robot minions prepare the device in which the crystals will do so, including the green gem that Linaly has. Mid leads the good guys to the Black Moon with the Dragon as they encounter the warlord in his new form, DeathGyunos. But they outsmart him and they ram their helicarrier into him. After the explosion to follow, it appears that DeathGyunos has been seemingly defeated, so Pretz searches through the debris to try and find Linaly. They do find her and all of a sudden, DeathGyunos rises once again! DeathGyunos finishes off the spirit of Mid and then the Wind crystal switches from Lenaly to Pretz. Finally, DeathGyunos is defeated after a swarm of chocobos summoned by Linaly and then finally put to rest by Pretz and his big sword, powered by the Wind crystal. The crystals are returned to their rightful places and everything is back to normal as everyone lives happily ever after.

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