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Watch Iria Zeiram the Animation online: Episode 6 Shangri-La

Severely injured during her last battle with Zeiram, Iria finds herself more reluctant to go after Zeiram -- at least not without some advantage she might be able to use. But Kei is not so cautious. Frustrated by Iria's apparent lack of initiative, Kei decides to go after Zeiram herself, only to be stopped by Fujikuro. Meanwhile, the Mycean council's plan to build a huge transemmbler is met with forceful opposition by the Zeiramoid clones. Zeiram has resisted every know weapon on the planet, and the only plausible solution seems to be to transport it off world, and make it someone else's problem. But Iria knows the only solution is to stop Zeiram permenantly...

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