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Watch room 401 online: Episode 1 Getting Crabby - The Claw - He Sees Dead People - Lend A Hand

Getting Crabby Two women witness a man (played by comedic magician Justin Kredible) pull his chest apart and crabs come out. The Claw A woman wants her friend to win her something from a claw machine, but the claw doesn't work, so a maintenance man (played by magician/actor Rob Zabrecky) sticks his hand through the glass and pulls out a rat. He Sees Dead People Two crime scene cleaners go to a crime scene and one of the men witness the dead man's spirit (played by magician David Minkin) sitting up from his body. Lend A Hand Two men go to work at a meat factory and one of the men witnesses his co-worker lose his hand in a fryer then it's right back on.

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