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Watch Ancient Books of Ys online: Episode 4 On the Path to Destiny

Darm begins powering up to bring evil to the world while Dogi, Goban, and Ruta arrive in Ys, and start conversing with the goddesses who communicate with them through a goddess statue. They ultimately decide to destroy the black pearl to eliminate evil altogether. They hand Luther a golden harmonica, and tell him to climb to the top of the bell tower, and play the goddess tune that Adol knows. Keith and Lilia walk into the room, and Keith goes berserk after hearing the plan to destroy evil. Dogi holds off Keith, and Lilia begs them all to stop fighting. When Luther tells them he doesn't know the goddess tune, they tell him to seek out Adol. Dalles enters the room and destroys the goddess statue. Keith breaks up his fight with Dogi and starts attacking Dalles. Dalles quickly fends off Keith, and goes off to meet Adol. Keith almost attacks Lilia, but calms himself down at the last minute. Lilia tells Luther to give her the harmonica because she knows the tune the goddesses spoke of. She runs off to climb the tower while Keith chases after her to try and stop her. The other three head off to find Adol. Dalles finds Adol's first, and attacks him relentlessly. Adol finds out from Dalles that Darm is the one in charge, and just as Dalles is about to kill Adol, Darm kills Dalles for outliving his usefulness, and tries to tempt Adol to join him in creating an evil utopia. Keith catches up to Lilia, and reveals to her that if she succeeds in destroying evil, she will disappear as well since Keith reveals that her mother came to him in the past when Lilia was an extremely ill baby, and he fell in love with the mother immediately. He agreed to help save Lilia's life, and to do so, he had to sacrifice a monster, and infuse her with monster blood, which is the reason she didn't turn to stone. Darm starts trying to take complete control of ALL monsters, and Keith starts going berserk while Lilia gets affected as well from the monster blood in her, and starts going weak. Keith loses himself, and starts to attack Lilia, but regains a little bit of consciousness at the last moment, and kills himself before he hurts Lilia. Lilia works past the pain, and works her way to the top where she sees the stone Sada. She starts playing the melody which allows Adol to regain himself, and turns all the petrified villagers back to normal. Darm gains full power, and decides to have Lilia be his new ally instead of Adol, so he transports Lilia to him. Lilia still had a good heart though, and with the help of the goddess pendant, dispels the power of the black pearl, destroying Darm and his magic. Ys starts going back to the ground with the power of the black pearl that was keeping it afloat gone. Goban, Dogi, and Luther call on the power of the priests to help guide Ys back to the original crater it came from in Esteria. Ys safely lands back in Esteria, and the goddesses take the black pearl and ascend to the heavens instead of destroying the pearl and becoming human. Maria ends up being revived, and her and Sada get married. As Lilia watches the wedding parade, Maria tosses her the bouquet, and Lilia catches it. It ends with Lilia seeing Adol sail off to a new adventure.

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