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Watch Ancient Books of Ys online: Episode 5 The Book of Messa

In the Tower of Darm, Dark Fact realizes that the goddesses have returned. Elsewhere, Adol meets back up with Goban and asks about the Tower of Darm. Adol is convinced the remaining books are there, but Goban tries to dissuade him from going there. Adol decides to drop it for the night and goes to bed, but is visited in his dreams by a being called Roda. He asks Goban about it the next morning and is told Roda is a tree with a soul that houses the memories of the goddesses. As they talk, Dogi arrives and informs them that Ruben has gone missing. Immediately Dark Fact appears and informs Adol that he has captured Ruben, along with the Book of Messa. Dark Fact challenges Adol to retrieve it from an abandoned temple in the nearby forest. Adol accepts and the party sets out. Meanwhile, Feena and Reah, now with their memories restored, decide it is time to "awaken." Cutting back to Adol and his party, the trio journeys to the Tree of Roda. There, Roda recounts the history of Esteria and the metal claria. Claria, it seems, is a type of silver that has magical properties, but also has the drawback of summoning evil to it. It can, however, do great damage against evil beings. Roda then gifts Adol an armor of claria and tells him to recover the remaining three books. The group moves on to the old temple and are attacked by a giant praying mantis (called Pictimos in the game). Elsewhere, Jaba discovers that Feena is in fact one of the goddesses as she disappears into the night in order to hook up with Reah and fulfill their destiny. Back at the temple, Adol defeats the giant beast and recovers the Book of Messa. As he looks at the cover, he comes to the realization that he can now read the ancient text.

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