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What is Grlom u jagode about?
Grlom u jagode is a 1975 Serbian TV series directed by Sr?an Karanovi? and co-written by Karanovi? and Rajko Grli?. Depicting the life and times of a young man nicknamed Bane Bumbar, the series achieved huge popularity throughout SFR Yugoslavia. Revolving around Bane, his family, and his circle of friends, the series also portrays 1960s Belgrade, Serbia and Yugoslavia. Bane Bumbar is growing up in Stara Karaburma neighbourhood with his parents Sreta and Olja, his half-sister Seka tajn (his mother's child form a previous marriage) and his maternal grandmother Elvira. His circle of friends includes characters such as Miki Rubiroza, Glupi Uke, Boca ?ombe, as well as his off-and-on girlfriend Goca. Occasionally narrated by Bane and other characters from a distance of 10-15 years, each one of Grlom u jagode's 10 episodes depicts a different year from 1960 to 1969, inclusive, with Bane's various endevours, concerns, education, love life, etc. taking center stage during each particular episode.

Genre: Comedy, Drama
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Season 1 of Grlom u jagode

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