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Watch JOHNNY SOKKO AND HIS FLYING ROBOT online: Episode 22 Cleopat - Clash of the Giant Robots

A foreign country wants to build it's own Giant Robot in order to defend them from any Gargoyle Gang attack. The Japanese government agrees and is given all blueprints. So Cleopat was built. But for some reason despite the fact they followed the blueprints in every detail, Cleopat never moves. Golden Gnaught takes advantage of this and uses Tenticlon to steal Cleopat in the hope to fix the problem. Johnny and Robot is sent to find Cleopat, but it was a trap, when Robot attack Cleopat to destroy it, Cleopat's special ability threw Robot's own attack back at him, destroying his eyes. Now Golden Gnaught sends Tenticlon to destroy Robot who is literally fighting blind against the plant menace? Can Robot survive?

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