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Watch Shinigami no Ballad online: Episode 3 Beyond the Light

Kantar? Ichihara is a boy in junior-high school, and the high school entrance examination period is coming up. His grandfather, who loved playing games, recently died, and while cleaning out his room Kantar? finds a message from his grandfather about a game involving a treasure hunt. Kantar? skips out on extra lessons at school to go look for the treasure in his grandfather's old country town, accompanied by his childhood friend Tomato. On the way Kantar? sees a young boy and girl several times, and in the end they lead him to where the treasure is buried, which turns out to be a large marble and a short note left by Kantar?'s grandfather. It turns out that Daniel and Momo changed their appearances to those of Kantar?'s then-young grandfather and his childhood friend in order to lead Kantar? to the treasure.

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