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What is You're Under Arrest about?
Live action series based on the popular manga serial by Yosuke Fujishima. The story of Taiho Shichauzo is an action-comedy about two female police officers with completely opposite personalities who are teamed up to fight crime in Tokyo. The drama depicts the female officers as having a unique and aggressive approach not only in love and fashion, but when confronting dangerous felons and criminals as well. Famous Japanese actress Sachie Haral portrays the intelligent and car-loving Miyuki Kobayakawa. Hara's co-star Misaki Itoh portrays the wild and powerful Natsumi Tsujimoto who is skilled in martial arts and blessed with athletic abilities. Ito described her character as someone who is "passionate and straightforward" and her trademark martial arts move is an "elbow drop." Also on hand were the other members of the cast, including Kazushige Nagashima, the leading man in the series. Nagashima will portray the character Ken Nakajima, a tough, motorcycle riding officer with a strong sense of justice. The audience burst into laughter as he said, "Since I'm much obliged to the police department twice (due to car accidents, etc.), I feel a little awkward to play this role." In the drama, there may be a romantic twist between him and Hara's character.

Actors: to Misaki, Hara Sachie, Watanabe Eriko, Kaneko Noboru, Kaneko Norihito, Yoshioka Miho, Otoha, Ichikawa Yui, Hayami Momomichi, Hoshaku Yuka
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of You're Under Arrest

    Episode 6: Versus  
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