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Watch Just Cause online: Episode 22 The Closing

Whitney helps Stanton close on the family business but the firm has until 5pm to do it. The papers are on the table ready to sign Alex tells the family that after the papers are signed they will help drop the charges against Tucker. Heller has trouble getting the Judge to sign the order for the sale to go through. Patrick finally gets the Judge to sign the order but the Judge forgets to sign a page after Patrick looks to make sure all pages are signed. Mr. Lewitt gets angry because he would lose the market share if he doesn't get Malbeery Brands (a cereal company) Alex asks CJ Leon to look in to rumors that Malbeery Brands used genetically altered wheat in their cereals. Stanton is talking with tucker who says Stanton made Marshall (Tucker's dad) kill himself. Malberry Brands isn't going to sold for 60 days.

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