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Watch Just Cause online: Episode 21 Trial by Memory

Whitney falls in love a woman named Sota Hasura who asks Alex and Whitney to find her past and answer questions of long ago. Whitney takes Sota out to dinner, where a song takes her back in time, Alex looks at the file of Dragan Manic who they think may have committed war crimes in Hague at a conceration camp where Sonta's sister died. Whitney and Sota share a kiss but her the moment brings her sister's face back to her. Alex and Whitney learn that person who shot Sonta's sister maybe in California. Whitney now must keep Sota safe. Alex questions why Whitney wants to stay on the case. Whitney is shocked to lean that Sota went to look for her Grand Father's watch by looking in a dead man's pockets. Alex has a meeting with the man who killed Sonta's sister, he pulls a watch out of his pocket (Alex's memory takes her back to seeing Sota's sister give the watch up for life.) Whitney loses control as Sota runs out after looking at the face of her sister's killer. We find out that the watch was taken from Sonta's Grandmother. The watch is given back to Sonta who leaves to go to her country.

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