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What is River Cottage Spring about?
Hugh's opening the doors of River Cottage again to celebrate all that's smashing about Spring Britain's freshest food is coming into season in the fields, allotments and gardens around the country and Hugh will be showing us how we can enjoy the River Cottage way of life with locally produced, seasonal food. To prove that growing your own is practical and affordable, Hugh has challenged five families from Bristol to turn an acre of derelict city land into a fruit and vegetable plot. They'll even be keeping pigs, right in the heart of the city. How will the urban families get on with creating a country idyll in their concrete jungle and will they meet their budgetary target? In true River Cottage style, Hugh will be getting hands on with meat, sharing his cleaver skills on a butchery course to show that eating quality meat doesn't have to punish the pocket. But Susan, his new apprentice, is a vegetarian and will be handling meat for the first time in fifteen years. Will she conquer her squeamishness to learn the tricks of the trade from Hugh and master butcher Ray? One meat firmly on the menu is the nation's favourite, chicken. Hugh's Chicken Run firmly set the agenda for free range meat at the start of the year and he'll be providing updates on the River Cottage 'Chicken Out' campaign, throughout the series.

Genre: Home and Garden


Season 1 of River Cottage Spring

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