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What is FarmKids about?
The FARMkids concept is based around the irony of farm animals who know nothing about living in the country. They are a bunch of fastlane pampered city animals who live a star studded life in a popular nursery petting zoo, but their lives take a funny unexpected turn when they suddenly get relocated. To top it off their new home is nothing like one would expect from a simple old farm. At its core, this series is aiming at twisting and repackaging a strong and timeless farm theme into a fast, edgy comedy. Dude Ranch, the FARMkids new home, is a place where the old, modern and twilight zone elements meet to make this a way out of the ordinary environment. This is not the average city slickers on the Old MacDonald type of situation; FARMkids represents a twisted and very entertaining approach to a time tested theme.

Genre: Animation, Children
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Season 1 of FarmKids

    Episode 3: Face Off  
    Episode 8: Bad TV  

Season 2 of FarmKids

    Episode 7: The Biz  
    Episode 9: Barn 54  
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